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Wind Data

The Marine Data Exchange contains a wealth of raw, cleaned and modelled wind data from various meteorological masts, LiDAR systems and meteorological buoys around the UK.

Details of the data that are available on the Marine Data Exchange are below (last updated June 2017):

 Wind 08June2017


Why aren't the last 2 years' worth of data available?

Whilst we require wind farm developers to provide The Crown Estate with data, we also recognise that the wind is what makes a wind farm work commercially. Therefore there is a commercial sensitivity around wind speed data for the owners and developers of wind farms. To address this we agree a 2 year moratorium on the release of wind data.

Rest assured though, once this 2 year period is over, we endeavour to release the data as soon as practicable, subject to discussions with the owners of the data of course.

Datasets from the following masts and lidars around the UK are pending public release:

Masts: NOAH platform at Blyth, Dogger Bank East and West, Hornsea, East Anglia North and South, Teesside (operational phase), West of Duddon Sands (operational phase)

LiDARs: Dogger Bank, 2x Hornsea, Walney Extension, Burbo Bank Extension, Westernmost Rough


Why don't you have some data?

There are three main reasons we don't have some of the data:

We don't have the rights to access it. This usually applies to older data that pre-dates our contractual requirements to provide the data to us. Therefore we have no licence to access the data.

The owner / operator of the data hasn't yet provided it to us. We work with owners / operators to ensure a smooth supply of data to us, but sometimes it can take a little longer than expected. We're working on this and aim to have a full and up-to-date set of data, released regularly to the public.

The data cannot be retrieved - this is often the case for older data which were not provided at the time. We have made reasonable steps to try and retrieve the data, but the time that has passed since it was collected means that it has been lost.

One of the above applies to the following masts: Thanet, Barrow, Teesside (pre-construction), North Hoyle.