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Survey theme: Archaeology

*The study of human history *

Marine archaeology in particular is a discipline within archaeology that studies human interaction with the sea through the study of physical remains and submerged landscapes.

Archaeological surveys on the MDE usually consist of a comibantion of desk based studies and analysis of geophysical survey data (that often pick out archaeological features on the seabed) and borehole samples. Prior to development, the seabed is assessed not only for archaeological finds such as wrecks, but also for palaeo-environmental evidence that indicate a site was once an exposed land-surface at times of lower sea-level. This can include methods such as radiocarbon dating of sediments, or analysis of sediments for evidence of pollen, molluscs, diatoms or other organisms that were once present. These surveys are a unique opportunity to increase understanding, and enable the protection, of the marine historic environment.

This data and evidence will be used to protect our submerged heritage through exclusion zones or mitigation measures to reduce the impact from offshore projects.

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