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Survey theme: Meteorology

The study of the atmosphere

Meteorology is the branch of science concerned with the processes and phenomena of the atmosphere, particularly with respect to predicting the weather. Meteorology data on the MDE largely centres around wind data collection campaigns from Meteorological Masts and floating LIDARs (Light Detection and Ranging), as well as modelling projects which aim to predict wind conditions within the UK.

Meteorology data on the MDE largely centres around wind data collection campaigns. Unsurprisingly, offshore wind data is critical for the development of an offshore wind farm and can be used to inform site design as well as in predicting energy output from the site. However, wind measurements offshore are difficult and costly. Whilst LIDARs mounted on buoys offer more flexibility than fixed meterological masts installed on the seabed, they can also be difficult to maintain.

As a result of the different preferences across the offshore industries, the data held on the MDE has been collected by onshore and offshore meteorological masts and LIDAR's, as well modelling projects using nearby wind data collections.

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