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Our most popular data - wind resource

The Marine Data Exchange (MDE) holds offshore wind resource data from 68 points around the UK.

It might seem obvious but accurate wind resource characterisation is critical for offshore wind farm developers during the design phase; it's one of the key factors that feeds into the optimal layout of the turbines.

Wind measurements offshore are tremendously difficult and costly. Recent trends suggest a move away from fixed met masts and towards LIDARs mounted on floating buouys. Regardless of the data collection method, our offshore wind customers deliver their survey data to the MDE and it is made publicly available as soon as it is reasonable to do so. This tends to see wind data becoming available two years after the date of collection once a wind farm has achieved a financial investment decision and the wind data is no longer commercially sensitive.

Interact with the wind app opposite to explore the wind data held on the MDE from these met masts and lidars.

See what data is publicly available and what data you can expect to see soon.