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2009-2014 Aegir Hydrographic Programme

2009-2014 Aegir Hydrographic Programme

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Aegir Wave Power Limited (Aegir), a joint venture company comprised of Edinburgh based technology developer Pelamis Wave Power (PWP) and Swedish utility Vattenfall (VF), delivered a limited hydrographical survey and monitoring program of the Aegir Area of Search (AoS) to underpin site development activities and meet license and consent requirements. The hydrographical program comprised assessment of resource climate, both wave and tidal; and broad scale acoustic survey with targeted, higher resolution acoustic surveys of potential cable routes from site to land. This program operated from first concept in 2009 and development of desk study assessments, through to site monitoring activities at site from 2011 through 2014. The hydrographical programme was non-intrusive in nature, being solely based on remote survey and monitoring techniques e.g. satellite data, geophysical acoustic surveying and wave buoy monitoring. The Aegir hydrographical program was also supplemented by a marine acoustic survey program undertaken by Marine Scotland Science (MSS) in the region of South West Shetland, late in 2011.


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