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2005, Environment Agency, Lynn and Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farms

2005, Environment Agency, Lynn and Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farms

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As part of the Food and Environmental Protection Act (FEPA) Licence, an analysis of any change due to the presence of the Lynn and Inner Dowsing Offshore Wind Farms on the shore dynamics must be identified. In order to assess whether there is an effect, observations taken before and after the construction of the wind farms shall be compared. The Environment Agency (EA) currently monitors the Lincolnshire coast at 1 km intervals, twice each year (in January/February and July/August). This monitoring has been ongoing since 1991. The EA supplied these beach profile data taken along the Lincolnshire coast between 1991 and 2000 to facilitate the comparison. This project concerns these data as the baseline situation.  The conclusions of the study show that the pattern of change evident from the profile measurements is highly erratic.  There do not appear to be any clear trends which shown areas of constant accretion or erosion.  In addition, the second Shoreline Management Plan is currently being developed for the Lincolnshire coast, and should be considered in any predicted potential changes over the life of the wind farms.


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Baseline description of beach profiles measurements