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2011, Subacoustech, Lynn and Inner Dowsing, Subsea Operational Noise Assessment

2011, Subacoustech, Lynn and Inner Dowsing, Subsea Operational Noise Assessment

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May 2021

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Collection date:

Feb 2011 - Feb 2011


Lynn and Inner Dowsing

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May 2021








The report within this series has been prepared by Subacoustech Ltd for GLID TopCo Ltd. It describes a series of
underwater acoustic measurements undertaken in and around the Lynn and Inner Dowsing Wind
Farm sites, on the 16th, 17th and 18th February 2011 in accordance with FEPA licence
requirements. The purpose of the measurement programme was to characterise any increase in
the ambient subsea noise due to the presence of the operational wind farm, and to assess the
range over which any increase in noise occurred.
Underwater noise was recorded using specialist equipment developed by Subacoustech
Environmental Ltd. This measured the underwater sound to levels well below sea state zero
noise, and over the frequency range that covers both that required to characterise anthropogenic
noise in the ocean, and the hearing response range of species of fish and marine mammals.
Measurements were undertaken from a range of 10 m from an operational turbine, and along
transect lines both inside and outside of the wind farm to a range of 10 km.