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2008-2009, CEFAS, East Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation Project

2008-2009, CEFAS, East Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation Project

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Benthic Ecology


"The aim of the East Coast Regional Environmental Characterisation (REC) is to deveop a broad understanding of tthe habitats and areas of archaeological interest present in the east coast region, and to provide an insight into the processes that influence them. This will involve acquisition of high quuality physical and biological datasets and use to them to produce interpreted outputs that will enable the subsequent assessment of the regional influence and significance of aggregate extraction activities. "


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EcRec Oct 200801.dat


1m res No Transit Lines gsf

ISIS Generated Sidescan Sonar Geotiff

ISIS Generated sidescan sonar XTF

0.5m res xyz

0.5m res Geotiffs

0.5m res Fledermaus SD Objects

No Transit Lines gsf

MBSS and SSS Record of lines Planned and Shot

MBS and SSS log Sheets

ISIS Generated Sidescan Sonar

2M Beam Trawl Abundance

2M Beam Trawl Catch Photos

2M Beam Trawl Photos

2M Beam Trawl positions

Clamshell Grab Photos

Clamshell Grab sites for Archaeological Analysis

Clamshell Grab sites for Geological Analysis

Clamshell Grab sites VC Positions

Hamon Grab Sample Photos

Hamon grab gear Photos

CODA Compatible Sidescan Sonar

Hamon Grab Positions

Hamon Grab Abundance

Hamon Grab Biomass

Underwater Imagery Water Curtain Camera Photos

Underwater Imagery Water Sledge Camera Photos

Underwater Imagery Water Gear Photos

Underwater Imagery Camera Positions

Vibrocore Sites

Vibrocore gear Photographs

Underwater Digital Video Footage

XTF from Discover JSF

1m res No Transit Lines xyz

1m res No Transit Lines Geotiffs

1m res No Transit Lines Fledermaus SD Objects


Raw Coda


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Geophysical Survey Report Final

REC Sidescan data paper log

Sidescan Sonar Tiff list

CREC07B1 readme

BGS A0 Multibeam Coverage

BGS CARIS Fieldsheets wgs84utm31

Fieldsheet Extents

Fieldsheet metadata

MBES Calibrations

MBES flow diagram

MBES Tidal Correction Rationale

Dat File Format Description

Magnetometer File List

STB Metadata Logs

2008 4 WGS84 Fixes

2008 4 WGS84 Lines

BGS SurfaceTowBoomerTrackPlot 290709

Sidescan Re-processing Progress

ISIS Data Processing flow reproc

BGS A0 Side Scan Sonar

ISIS Data Processing Flow

SSS Track plot

BGS Side Scan Sonar Track Plot

SSS Planned Lines

BGS A0 Multibeam Coverage(0)

BGS CARIS SurveyAreas Fieldsheets WGS84 UTM31

Fieldsheet Areas

MBES Flow Diagram(0)

MBES Tidal Correction Rationale(0)

Cruise Report

Clamshell Sample Processing Methodology

Clamshell PSA results

Particle size Fraction Photographs


Hamon grab PSA Results

Camera sledge deployment positions

Curtain Camera Deployment Positions

Hamon grab Deployment Positions

Hamon grab Camera Deployment Positions

Sediment Profile Imaging Camera Deployment Positions

Beam Trawl Deployment Positions

Vibrocore Sample Acquisition Methodology

Vibrocore Sample Processing Methodology

Vibrocore Sample Photography


Vibrocore Geological Logs

Data Capture forms for Video and Still Images

Vibrocore PSA Results

Log Images

Vibrocore Profile Photographs for Geological Analysis

Vibrocore Profile Photographs for Archaeological Analysis

Acoustic Log from Logsheets

Discover Data Processing Flow

ISIS Data Processing flow(0)

Mod Xtf CODA readme