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2004, NOC, A Reassessment of the Archaeological Potential of Continental Shelves

2004, NOC, A Reassessment of the Archaeological Potential of Continental Shelves

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 Author: National Oceanography Centre (NOC) at the University of Southampton. Report number: R140. The aims of this project directly corresponded to the key research themes as being essential to our understanding of the archaeology of continental shelves, they were as follows, to re-appraise the methods used to construct palaeogeographic maps for the contextualisation of submerged continental shelf archaeology. To provide a state of knowledge review of the submerged archaeology (primary, secondary and tertiary contexts) of continental shelves, with particular emphasis on the NW European Continental shelf. To assess the potential impact of the physical processes associated with marine transgressions and regressions on the archaeological deposits and associated environments of continental shelves. To gain a more realistic understanding of the submerged archaeological potential of continental shelves and to facilitate the development of predictive models and to disseminate the results of the research project to the academic community, the aggregates industry and the general public. In order to tackle these themes for submerged archaeological studies this project aimed to undertake a wide-ranging literature review, in terms of both space and time. This work also interrogated extant literature from research disciplines including archaeology, anthropology, ethnography, oceanography, geology, biogeography and geophysics.  Seismics for Mitigation Mapping of the Southern North Sea and Seabed Prehistory: Gauging the Effects of Marine Aggregate Dredging. 


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