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2005-2006, CEFAS, The Eastern English Channel Marine Habitat Map

2005-2006, CEFAS, The Eastern English Channel Marine Habitat Map

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Epifauna and Fish


The aim of the Eastern English Channel Marine Habitat Map (EECMHM) study is to produce integrated regional habitat maps. The principal driver is the planned exploitation of substantial marine aggregate resources in this area and the need to place these resources in a wider spatial context to inform management decicisionsrelating to sustainable use and conservation. The EECMHM study provides this context through regional scale geological and biological interpretations and will contribute to the effective stewardship of the marine environment by providing broader understanding of how the potential resource areas relate to the wider wider regional ecology and physical processes. The study area covers an extensive sea bed area of approximately 5090km² between Selsey Bill and Dungeness, out to the UK/France median line, centred on ten current aggregate licence application areas.


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JPG Seabed Image Data (1205)

JPG Seabed Image Data (1406)


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Dissemination GIS .mdb

ADCP Moorings Positions.shp

ARGOS Drifter Positions.shp

Beam Trawl 2m Sites.shp

Beam Trawl 4m Sites.shp

C2282 Channel Survey Stations GFS05.shp

Corystes98 Fish and EpibenthosTrawl.shp

Crab Larvae Data.shp

Current Meter Mooring Positions.shp

EpiBenthos Survey Extent.shp

Escallop CPUE Number Per Hr.shp

Master Data GIS .mdb

Escallop CPUE Weight Per Hr.shp

IHLS Positions.shp

Nursery Cod Clipped.shp

Nursery Herring Clipped.shp

Nursery Lem Sole clipped.shp

Nursery Mackerel clipped.shp

Nursery Plaice clipped.shp

Nursery Sandeel clipped.shp

Nursery Sole clipped.shp

Nursery Whiting clipped.shp

Dissemination GIS.mxd

Pecten CPUE Number Per Metre Squared .shp

Plaice CPUE Number Per Hr.shp

Plaice CPUE Weight Per Hr.shp

Queen Scallop CPUE Number Per HR.shp

Queen Scallop CPUE Weight Per HR.shp

RV Bourne ADCP Position.shp

Scallop Positions.shp

Sole CPUE NumberPerHr.shp

Sole CPUE Weight Per Hr.shp

Spawning Cod clipped.shp

Dissemination GIS.pmf

Spawning Herring clipped .shp

Spawning Lem Sole clipped.shp

Spawning Mackerel.shp

Spawning Nephrops clipped.shp

Spawning Plaice clipped.shp

Spawning Sandeel clipped.shp

Spawning Sole clipped.shp

Spawning Sprat clipped.shp

Spawning Whiting clipped.shp

Thickback Sole CPUE Number Per Hr .shp

Offshore Geophysical Lines.shp

Thickback Sole CPUE Weight Per Hr .shp

Thornback Ray Number Per Hr .shp

Thornback Ray Weight Per Hr .shp

Turbot CPUE Number Per Hr .shp

Turbot CPUE Weight Per Hr.shp

Wavenet Positions.shp

Whiting CPUE Number Per Hr .shp

Whiting CPUE Weight Per Hr.shp

CHARM Extent.shp

ECA Drop Camera05 .shp

Offshore Magnetics.shp

ECA Hamon Grab05 .shp

ECA Licence Areas.shp

ECA Survey Area 2006.shp

Multibeam Tracklines.shp

Side Scan Sonar Track.shp

Av Num Cobbles.shp


CEND06 Multibeam tracklines.shp

CEND06 Side Scan Sonar Track.shp


Offshore Reports.shp

Cobble Shape.shp

CSS positions Hyperlink.shp

EpiFaunal Biotope Map.shp


Gravel Fabric.shp

GT Lines.shp

GT Points.shp

Infaunal Biology Groups.shp

Infaunal Biotope Map.shp

Max Clast Size.shp

Offshore Samples.shp

Physical Regions.shp

Region Overview.shp

Rock Structure.shp

Sandbank Crestline.shp

Sand Wave Crest Line Directions.shp

Seabed Character.shp

Sediment Thickness.shp


Station Overview.shp


Offshore Wells.shp

STB Tracklines.shp

Study Area.shp

Europe ESRI.shp

Holme 1961.shp

Potential Reef.shp


Sandy Sediment.shp

MES Carpentier Coppin Epibenthic Trawl.shp

MES DI.shp

MES DI Epibenthic.shp


MES EEC Epibenthic.shp


MES GLE Epibenthic.shp

MES Greenwich Light East Scallop.shp

MES MD.shp

MES Regional Environment Assesment Trawl.shp

MES WB.shp

MES WB Epibenthic.shp


Solid Geology Map.jpg

Channel Tide.png


Combd50 Mask.adf

Combgrav Mask.adf

Combmud Mask.adf

Combsand Mask.adf

eecd50 mask.adf

eecgrav mask.adf

eecmud mask.adf

eecsand mask.adf

Shell Clip.adf

Mean Grain Size.adf

Salin Clip.adf

Skew Final.adf

Combsort Mask.adf

Eecsort Mask.adf

Temp Clip.adf