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2009, EMU Ltd, The Outer Thames Estuary Regional Environmental Characterisation

2009, EMU Ltd, The Outer Thames Estuary Regional Environmental Characterisation

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The aim of the Outer Thames Estuary Regional Environmental Characterisation (REC) is to provide an environmental reference statement defining marine and seabed conditions within the study area. Following survey conducted in 2007 (link) the REC reviews existing literature but is largely based upon the interpretation of MALSF survey data. The characterisation process begins by reviewing the physical conditions in the area, for example tides, currents, seabed geology and seabed sediment transport. A heritage assessment has been combined with the interpretation of the Quaternary geology to produce an integrated assessment, whilst the wreck and other modern archaeology have been treated separately. Analysis of the benthic infauna and epifauna communities have been combined with an evaluation of their associated physical conditions to produce a habitat and biotope assessment.  The characterisation process also highlights regional environmental sensitivities, for example sites of potential conservation, fisheries or heritage significance, as well as informing marine spatial planning.


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