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2014, MMT, Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

2014, MMT, Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Geophysical Survey

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Between the 15th of August and 3rd of October 2014, MMT together with GSO conducted a geophysical survey at the location for two offshore substations and 93 turbine locations of the Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm. The purpose of this geophysical survey was to provide high quality ultra high resolution seismic data for interpretation of sub-seabed soil conditions and mapping of the seabed. The objectives of the survey were to acquire high quality geophysical data for the interpretation of geological layers in the area and structural elements to a depth of 75 m below seabed, accurate bathymetry data and information on possible geohazards.


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Mobilisation and Calibration Report

UHRS Client Representative Report (Quanta, 2014)

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Mobilisation and Calibration Procedure Document