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2014, EGS, Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Pre-Construction Inter Array Cables Geophysical Survey

2014, EGS, Race Bank Offshore Wind Farm, Pre-Construction Inter Array Cables Geophysical Survey

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In September 2014, DONG Energy contracted EGS International Ltd (EGSi) to undertake a preconstruction
geological survey along specified segments of the Inter-array cables (IAC) which
have not been previously surveyed at the planned Race Bank offshore wind farm site. The
geological survey aims to provide additional geophysical data in order to deliver an enhanced
understanding of the geological conditions of the topmost 10 m below the seabed as well as
providing detailed information on the shallow soil conditions along all planned sections of the
IAC. In addition to surveying parts of the IAC, additional geophysical data was also asked to be provided for small selected segments of the export cable in The Wash. During survey
operations, these export cable segments were omitted from the survey requirements by the
client due to the high quantity of fishing gear present and the high risk posed to the vessel
and survey equipment. During operations, EGSi were requested by the client to acquire
additional high resolution MBES data over the all planned inter-array cable routes, as well as
six specific areas which required ultra-high resolution data acquired. Geophysical operations
were undertaken using high-frequency multibeam system, side-scan sonar (SSS) in
conjunction with a USBL system, a parametric sub-bottom profiler (SBP) and an Ultra-high
Resolution seismic sparker system (UHRS).


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