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2006, CMACS, Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm, Benthic Grab Survey

2006, CMACS, Rhyl Flats Offshore Wind Farm, Benthic Grab Survey

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Benthic Ecology


This project examines the benthic grab monitoring surveys carried out at Rhyl Flats in 2006 by CMACS Ltd.  The grab surveys were carried out as part of the FEPA licence for Rhyl Flats.  Of the twenty nine designated sample sites, twenty six were successfully sampled due to pebbles or sometimes large cobbles preventing the grab jaws from closing so an adequate sample was not obtained.  In conclusion the sediments recorded in 2006 were predominantly well sorted and medium to well sorted fine sands, with increasing coarser material at a few sites.  Overall, it can be seen that the results from the 2006 survey display a similarity with those results obtained as part of the 2005 monitoring survey.  It is considered that the two datasets provide a good baseline set of results from which to support the future assessment and further analysis regarding any potential impacts the construction of the Rhyl Flats offshore wind farm may have upon the benthic communities of the area.


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