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2003-2005, Cefas, Scroby Sands Offshore Windfarm Coastal Processes Monitoring

2003-2005, Cefas, Scroby Sands Offshore Windfarm Coastal Processes Monitoring

Topic categories:

Coastal Processes

Last series update:

May 2021

MEDIN approved



Collection date:

Jan 2003 - Dec 2005


Scroby Sands

Publication date:

May 2021








This project concerns a programme of research and monitoring that has been undertaken at the site of Scroby Sands Offshore Windfarm to observe, measure and quantify potential impacts on the coastal processes. This has been achieved by a series of seabed surveys and seabed landers before, during and after the construction of the offshore wind farm. These provide evidence of any potential changes in seabed bathymetry, bedforms, currents, waves and suspended sediment concentrations that may lead to disturbance of sedimentary environments or sediment transport pathways.   The conclusions from the surveys show that there are high levels of bed shear stress, scour pits have been created and scour tails have been created.  Swath Bathymetry surveys will continue under FEPA licence conditions to generate a time series of Digital Elevation Models - This will enable the understanding of seasonal and inter-annual variability.