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2005-2010, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough,  Environmental Monitoring Programme

2005-2010, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough, Environmental Monitoring Programme

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In 2004, Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) identified the Narrows of Strangford Lough,
Northern Ireland as their preferred location for the deployment of the SeaGen device.
An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) was undertaken by Royal Haskoning, and
completed in June 2005 with the production of an Environmental Statement (ES).
Based on the consultation responses and requirements of EU Directives and Northern
Ireland environmental legislation, a conditional FEPA marine construction licence was
issued to MCT on 15 December 2005. Subsequent variations of the licence have taken
into account the increased scientific knowledge built up through the ongoing monitoring
program and the adaptive management approach adopted by MCT.
The issue of the licence required MCT to establish an Environmental Monitoring Plan
(EMP) and a number of mitigation measures. Data collection began, pre-installation, in
April 2005 and formed the basis of an Environmental Baseline Report, against which all
future monitoring during installation, commissioning and decommissioning could be
compared.The results from each of monitoring strands of the EMP were evaluated regularly to
ensure that any impact of SeaGen on the marine environment in Strangford Lough could
be detected at an early stage. Using an adaptive management approach, the data
collected has provided evidence to support reduction in mitigation requirements.  A variety of reports are included in this series, including baseline, updates and final.


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Baseline Report

EMP Biannual Update - February 2009

EMP Biannual Update - July 2009

EMP Biannual Update - January 2010

EMP Biannual Update - September 2010

Final Report