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2004-2006, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough, Marine Biological Surveys

2004-2006, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough, Marine Biological Surveys

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Benthic Ecology


Marine Current Turbines Ltd (MCT) proposes the construction and installation of a
marine current turbine for the production of electricity in the Narrows area of Strangford
Lough, Northern Ireland. Known as SeaGen, this installation will represent the next
development step following the successful installation and operation of an earlier
turbine off Lynmouth, North Devon, and a significant movement towards the realisation
of the World’s first current turbine array for the commercial production of electricity.
The report in this series brings up to date previous reports detailing the results of diver and video
surveys undertaken in Strangford Lough Narrows, the preferred location for installation
of the turbine. It expands upon the marine biological data provided previously, with the
results of marine biological and video surveys using diving survey methods, to assess
the marine natural heritage at a number of sites within the Narrows. The sites surveyed
have included:
o Possible turbine sites; and
o Areas proposed for the deployment of drilling rigs during site investigation and
turbine installation works.


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