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2005, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough, Environmental Statement

2005, Royal Haskoning, SeaGen Strangford Lough, Environmental Statement

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Marine Current Turbines Ltd have constructed the first tidal power turbine in the UK off 
the coast of Devon, which has been in operation for over two years. A second, larger 
turbine to be known as “Seagen” is proposed in order to further develop this technology 
through investigation of its engineering, management systems and environmental 
impacts.  This Environmental Statement has been prepared in support of Marine Current Turbine 
Ltd’s application to construct Seagen under the Food and Environment Protection Act 
(1985) in accordance with recognised environmental impact assessment procedures. 
The assessment involves the application of a standardised process to identify the likely 
impacts from all relevant issues identified through an initial scoping process and wider 
consultation with regulators, non-governmental organisations and other interested parties. 
As the proposed location falls within an area protected under domestic and European law, 
information considered relevant to a further ‘appropriate assessment’ process has been 
collected or collated from other sources in order to assist the Environment and Heritage 
Service as ‘Competent Authority’ in determining if the project is unlikely to damage the 
protected features.


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