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2008, PARTRAC Ltd., Skerries Tidal Site, AWAC and ADCP Deployments

2008, PARTRAC Ltd., Skerries Tidal Site, AWAC and ADCP Deployments

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Partrac Ltd were contracted by Sea Generation (Wales) Ltd to deploy five bottom-mounted ADCPs at the Skerries, Anglesey, in support of investigations to determine the feasibility for installing a tidal turbine in the region. Four ADCPs were located within the site boundaries and the fifth (location 3) approx 4km SW of the site. All of the locations are at approximately 30m depth (chart datum). Initially one ADCP at location 4 was to be deployed for 30 days, followed by five ADCP’s at locations 1-5 for a further 30 days.

The tidal dynamics in the region proved extremely difficult during diving operations, in particular as the slack tide window at low water was extremely short. This meant that the deployment timing was absolutely critical in order that the divers were able to hold position in the water column and on the seabed, whilst adjusting the frames. Notably, the slack  tide period as described for Holyhead Port does not accurately correspond to that experienced  within  the Skerries. For instance, the slack tide at location 2 appears to occur after the slack tide has occurred at location 4. 


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AWAC and ADCP Deployments Locations 1 to 5 Report

AWAC Deployment Location 4 Report

First Deployment Field Report