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2013, Osiris Projects, Skerries Tidal Array, Geophysical Survey

2013, Osiris Projects, Skerries Tidal Array, Geophysical Survey

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The objective of the survey was to provide high quality bathymetric, backscatter, subbottom
data and sonar imagery across the turbine area, cable route and landfall site,
for the evaluation and interpretation of:
 Shallow geology and seabed features.
 Benthic habitat and epifauna.
 Bedrock at turbine locations to a target penetration of 20m below seabed. In
o Presence or absence of faulting over the 20m interval
o Rock mass characteristics, internal horizons and vertical extent of
weathered/fractured zones.
 Areas for known, unknown and potential archaeological material as part of the
Marine Archaeological EIA work.
In addition, video camera imagery was collected to ground truth the interpretation of
suspected Annex 1 habitats at selected locations across the turbine area, cable route
and landing site.
A beach topographic survey was carried out using RTK positioning within the intertidal
zone, with an air lancing technique used to ascertain beach sediment thicknesses.
As a separate exercise, magnetometer data was acquired within the Cemaes Bay area
to locate the extents of an existing, charted sub-sea cable, which is believed to cross
the proposed L3 corridor. Please note the video survey report and data are provided in a separate series, titled '2013, Centre for Marine and Coastal Studies Ltd. CMACS, Skerries Tidal Site, Benthic Survey'.


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High Resolution Bathymetry Data - Turbine Area

3D Bathymetry of Turbine Area (DWG)


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Bathymetry XYZ Data - Turbine Area and Cable Corridor (0.5m Resolution)

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