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Walney Offshore Windfarm Onshore Substation at Stanah rn

Walney Offshore Windfarm Onshore Substation at Stanah rn

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This project incorporates the Environmental Statement (ES) undertaken by DONG Energy in September 2007 for a proposed onshore substation at Stanah. The proposed substation is required to accommodate the power output of the proposed Walney Offshore Windfarm (WOW) Phase II. The purpose of this ES is to report on the findings and conclusions of the environmental impact assessment (EIA), which has been undertaken for the proposed sub-station. The ES investigates a number of issues relating to the substation and its potential environmental impacts including the consents and planning framework, the human environment, noise, landscape and visual assessment, the physical environment, ecology, cumulative impacts and environmental management. The aim of this ES is to provide information to those from whom consents and authorisations are sought to enable them to assess the environmental impacts of the proposal. This information is also used by affected parties to evaluate the acceptability of the development and its potential impact.


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