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Walney Offshore Wind Farm Environmental Statement- Annex 6.2.5

Walney Offshore Wind Farm Environmental Statement- Annex 6.2.5

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Shipping and Navigation


This project presents an assessment of the impact of the proposed development on the routing and safe navigation of vessels in the vicinity. The assessment is primarily based on the 28 days of vessel traffic survey data collected in the area and consultation with local users. It also makes use of the results of a high-level navigation assessment performed of the Morecambe Bay wind farm sites as a group.

The report presents an analysis of the traffic data in the area, investigating existing route positions, traffic levels, timelines and encounter levels. An assessment is presented on the likely impact on navigation of the WOW development in isolation and in-combination with the other planned sites (Barrow, Ormonde, West of Duddon Sands and CSFA).


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2006, Anatec, Walney Offshore Wind Farm, Navigation Risk Assessment, AIS Track Data