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Walney Offshore Wind Farm Potential Collision Rates for Whopper Swan

Walney Offshore Wind Farm Potential Collision Rates for Whopper Swan

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Subsequent to the submission of the Environmental Statement for Walney Offshore Wind Farm (WOW), there has been further information presented on potential effects on Whooper Swan arising from in-combination collision mortality at offshore wind farm sites in the north-east Irish Sea. This project provides additional information on the sensitivity of predictions to assumptions made about the flight heights of Whooper Swans. The observations of Whooper Swan were made from the MV Sharona between 1st and 29th October 2005. These calculations provide additional information about the effect on in-combination collision risk predictions arising from different assumptions about flight heights and avoidance rates. Whilst no assumption has been made about the flight height of Whooper Swans in this analysis, it should be noted that a minority of the swans observed from the MV Sharona were recorded at heights that could place them at risk of collision.


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