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2016, Fugro Emu Limited, Walney Offshore Wind Farm, Post Construction Survey 1

2016, Fugro Emu Limited, Walney Offshore Wind Farm, Post Construction Survey 1

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Fugro EMU Limited (Fugro EMU) was contracted by DONG Energy (hereafter known as the client) to undertake two separate bathymetric surveys (survey 1 and survey 2) in the East Irish Sea, which were performed as one combined survey operation during spring 2016. This report provides information relation to survey 1 on the Walney Offshore Windfarm (WOW) 01 and 02. Survey 2 was carried out on the adjacent West of Duddon Sands Offshore Windfarm and has been reported on separately.
The purpose of survey 1 was to provide detailed information on the current state of the offshore installations, inter array and export cables on WOW 01 and WOW 02, in order to fullfill the requirements of the MMO’s license conditions for a post construction survey in 2016. Survey 1 covered a selection of 7 wind turbine generators (WTGs), 11 km of array cables between the selected WTG’s, the WOW01 offshore substation, as well as the entire export cable routes.
The offshore geophysical survey area was carried out by the RV Discovery. The nearshore geophysical survey area was surveyed by the vessel Valkyrie.


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