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2014 RPS, Argyll Array Offshore Wind Farm

2014 RPS, Argyll Array Offshore Wind Farm

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A HRA comprises a series of up to 13 sequential stages as identified by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) and outlined in Figure 1. The outcome from Stage 1 has already been determined – in part based on a recent Strategic Environmental Assessment by Marine Scotland (2010b) which identified the potential for a significant effect on sites designated for their nature conservation interest at a European Level, due to proposed offshore wind energy projects in Scottish Territorial Waters. As part of this process, the Argyll Array Offshore Wind Farm was identified as one of the short-term options for offshore wind energy where such effects may occur, thereby requiring further consideration in the HRA process. This report therefore considers Stages 2 to 7 which represent the ‘screening’ of identified European sites and features. The purpose of these stages is to: - Identify all aspects of the plan or project which would not be likely to have a significant effect on a European site, either alone or in combination with other aspects of the same plan or other plans or projects, so that they can be eliminated from further consideration; and - Identify those aspects of the plan or project where it is not possible to rule out the risk of likely significant effects on a European site, and thereby provide a clear scope for the parts of the plan that will require ‘Appropriate Assessment’ 


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Habitat Regulations Assessment - Screening for Likely Significant Effects