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2005, OSAE, Walney and West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm and Cable Route, Bathymetric and Geophysical Survey

2005, OSAE, Walney and West of Duddon Sands Offshore Wind Farm and Cable Route, Bathymetric and Geophysical Survey

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Two consortia, Elsam A/S, ScottishPower Generation Ltd. and Eurus Energy Europe B.V. and DONG VE A/S and Statkraft are respectively planning to develop the West Duddon and Walney, Round 2 Wind farm sites. A bathymetric and geophysical survey is part of this planning process and OSAE Offshore Survey and Engineering Gesellschaft für Seevermessung mbH has been contracted to carry out such a survey.
OSAE conducted the survey for both wind farm sites from 29th January to 25th March 2005 to create a data base for the development of the wind farms.  The purpose of the survey was to provide data sets that will assist the developers in engineering and siting of offshore structures and power cables as part of the development of the West Duddon offshore wind farm site.The main devices used during the survey on SV MERIDIAN were:
•	A SeaBat 8101 multibeam system.
•	An Atlas DESO 25 single beam echosounder.
•	A Boomer / Geoacoustics towfish 136 Pinger system.
•	A Datasonics CAP 6600 Chirp II SBP.
•	A Klein 3210 Side Scan Sonar; and
•	A Marine Magnetics SeaQuest 3D Gradiometer / Marine Magnetics 2D Explorer Gradiometer
Since the survey for both wind farm areas was carried out in a single offshore operation and since the wind farm areas adjoin at their boundaries, some elements of the survey cannot be assigned unambiguously to the one or the other wind farm area. Especially the operational data of the survey are not presented separately for each survey. However, the presentation of results in this series focuses on the West Duddon area.


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Volume 1 - Survey Report

USBL Calibration 270105

Daily Logs

Volume 2 - Technical Report

Survey Equipment

Depth Comparison between Multibeam and Singlebeam Echo Sounders

GPS Calibration

Heading Calibration

Multibeam Calibration 250105

Quality Control for Processing of Multibeam Data

Tidal Correction Method for the Reduction of Bathymetry Data