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2011, Dong Energy, Walney Extension, Stage One Consultation

2011, Dong Energy, Walney Extension, Stage One Consultation

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Benthic Ecology
Epifauna and Fish


This Stage One Consultation seeks to inform the reader about the proposed Walney Extension offshore wind farm project  by identifying the currently anticipated key issues associated with the construction, operation and decommissioning phases of the Project and providing consultees and local communities with further information to understand the nature, scale and location of the Project so that they can begin to assess the potential impacts of the Project. These views can then form the basis of the interactive consultation process, and assist in drawing out further queries and/or concerns.
     A number of potential impacts, which the Project may generate, have been identified and will be further assessed as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) process to confirm their magnitude and significance. The appropriate mitigation and monitoring for these impacts will be decided through continuous consultation with the relevant stakeholders as a result of the EIA findings, in an attempt to avoid or minimise environmental impacts (this will also encompass a socio-economic element).


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