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2013, DONG Energy, Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement

2013, DONG Energy, Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement

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The Walney Extension Environmental Statement (ES) accompanies the application for a development consent order (DCO) under the Planning Act 2008. The application was submitted by DONG Energy Walney Extension (UK) Ltd. and prepared pursuant to the Infrastructure Planning (Environmental Impact Assessment) Regulations 2009. In preparing its application the Applicant had full regard to its duties under Schedule 9 of the Electricity Act 1989.
     This ES presents the finding of the environmental impact assessment (EIA) for the project. The ES describes the likely significant environmental effects predicted to occur as a result of development, operation and decommissioning of the project, whether alone or in combination with other projects in the same area. It supports, and was submitted as part of, the DCO application.
     The ES comprises a non-technical summary (NTS), the main report (Volume 1, consisting of four parts (A-D)) and Annexes (Volume 2).
     Volume 1:
     - Part A - Introduction, project design and policy context
     - Part B - Offshore environmental assessment
     - Part C - Onshore environmental assessment
     - Part D - Overarching chapters


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Chapter 16: Shipping and Navigation

Chapter 34: Transboundary Effects

Chapter 14: Intertidal Ornithology

Chapter 35: Summary, Monitoring and Mitigation

Chapter 17: Commercial Fisheries

2013, ABPmer, Walney Extension Offshore Wind Farm, Environmental Statement, Chapter 7: Metocean, Coastal Processes, Geology and Geomorphology

Chapter 3: The Environmental Impact Assessment Process

Chapter 5: Site Selection and Consideration of Alternatives

2013, DONG Energy, Walney Extension Offshore Wind farm, Environmental Statement, Chapter 19: Seascape, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Chapter 6: Consultation

Chapter 11: Fish and Shellfish Resource

2013, Dong Energy, Walney Extension, Environmental Statement - Non-Technical Summary

Chapter 20: Aviation, Defence and Telecommunications

Chapter 27: Archaeology and Cultural Heritage

Chapter 18: Marine Archaeology

Chapter 2: Policy, Legislative and Consenting Framework

Chapter 13: Offshore Ornithology

Chapter 24: Terrestrial Ecology and Nature Conservation

Chapter 21: Other Infrastructure and Licensed Activities

Chapter 31: Socio-economics

Chapter 15: Sites Designated for Nature Conservation

Chapter 30: Noise and Vibration

Chapter 4: Project Description

Chapter 8: Sediment and Water Quality

Chapter 25: Land Use and Agriculture

Chapter 12: Marine Mammals

Chapter 28: Traffic and Transport

Chapter 33: Cumulative Effects

Chapter 26: Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment

Chapter 9: Offshore Noise and Vibration

Chapter 29: Air Quality

Chapter 23: Hydrology and Flood Risk

Chapter 22: Geology, Hydrogeology and Ground Conditions

Chapter 32: Inter-relationships

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 10: Benthic Ecology