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2009, LDA Design, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Seascape and Visual Assessment

2009, LDA Design, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Seascape and Visual Assessment

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This project considers the extent to which the existing landscape, seascape and visual environments/receptors will potentially be affected by the proposed Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm and its associated offshore infrastructure. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the magnitude and potential significance of any change to the character and value of the seascape, as well as the potential impact upon views, visual amenity and receptor groups within the Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV). LDA Design undertook a study incorporating a standard methodology in order to assess the impact of the development. The methodology for the seascape and visual impact assessment, follows relevant standards and guidance principally set out in the Maritime Ireland/Wales Interreg 1994-1999 Guidance ‘Guide to Best Practice in Seascape Assessment’ (GSA), published in March 2001. This sets out a clear methodology for undertaking seascape characterisation and for the subsequent evaluation of impacts. The assessment also draws upon other methodologies such as the established Countryside Agency methodology. The assessment defines the existing landscape/seascape and visual baseline, within a 35km radius study area, and assesses its quality and sensitivity to change. During the course of this assessment a number of visits were made to the site and surrounding study area during the Spring of 2008 to identify and confirm the representative viewpoints, to gather baseline information and to undertake the assessment itself. This information was then agreed with East Ridings of Yorkshire Council and Natural England. The project continues to discuss potential mitigation measures as well as providing a seascape effects summary, visual effects summary and lastly a cumulative effects summary. 


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2009, LDA Design, Seascape and Visual Assessment report