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2009, Aberystwyth University, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Seafloor Glacial Features

2009, Aberystwyth University, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Seafloor Glacial Features

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This project examines the seafloor glacial features at the site of the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm. The project aimed to provide context and aid in the identification and interpretation of a complex of ridges bathymetrically-imaged across 6 km2 zone of sea-bed off Holderness. Aberystwyth University undertook desk based research using a digital surface model provided by Dong Energy from the Westermost Rough Wind Farm Hydrographic Survey conducted by Emu Ltd (2009). As well as this data including a 1:5000 bathymetric survey raster image, grab sample descriptions, photographs and locations also collected during the same survey were used. This was supplemented with data from the BRITICE GIS database, a compilation of terrestrial and marine glacigenic landforms from the last British Ice Sheet. Identification of landforms was assisted by manipulation of the DSM. The DSM allows the 3-dimensional structure of the seafloor landforms to be examined, for example, vertical profiles can be produced of horizontal transects. A hill-shade surface of the bathymetric survey illuminated from several directions image provides a detailed plan view of the study area. By overlaying the various datasets, relationships and assemblages can be identified from the old and new data. The report concludes further sedimentological data is required to more fully understand the off shore landforms identified here.


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2009, Aberystwyth University, Seafloor glacial features in the southern North Sea