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2009, ABPmer, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Sediment Study Impact Assessment

2009, ABPmer, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Sediment Study Impact Assessment

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Coastal Processes


This project provides an assessment of the potential impacts of the Westermost Rough offshore wind farm development upon existing coastal processes. The coastal process impacts have been assessed over a range of temporal and spatial scales in line with guidelines for the development of offshore wind farms. The study has been undertaken by ABP Marine Environmental Research LTD in 2009. This study has taken into account all the various stages of the development including pre-construction, construction and decommissioning. A range of data sources have been used in this assessment from various surveys undertaken at the site. The following surveys have been collated and analysed; hydrodynamic survey undertaken by ABPmer, a metocean study also undertaken by ABPmer (2008), a geophysical survey undertaken by EMU Ltd (2009) and lastly a benthic survey undertaken by Titan (2009). In order to assess the potential effects of the Westermost Rough Wind Farm relative to the existing coastal environment, a combination of qualitative assessment of site data and, empirical and detailed numerical modelling has been used to define the magnitude and significance of the predicted changes. The modelling investigations undertaken for the Sediment Study impact assessment show that the potential for a significant impact on the tidal, wave and sedimentological regimes during the construction, operational and decommissioning phases of the development are in general low in magnitude. The proposed ranking of significance has predominantly defined these potential impacts as “negligible” in both near and far-field areas. Where there is the potential for an impact to be defined as “minor” or greater suitable mitigation and or monitoring measure have been suggested to reduce the effect of the potential impact. The potential changes as a result of the development are well within the natural variability of the system. In many cases the magnitude of potential changes are below levels which could be detected by equipment at the development site. 


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2009, ABPmer, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm: Sediment Study Impact Assessment