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2008, QinetiQ, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Radar Pre-planning Assessment

2008, QinetiQ, Westermost Rough Offshore Wind Farm, Radar Pre-planning Assessment

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Shipping and Navigation

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May 2021

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Collection date:

Dec 2008 - Dec 2008


Westermost Rough

Publication date:

May 2021








This project is a pre-planning assessment of the potential impact of Westermost Rough offshore wind farm on radar in the vicinity of the proposed development. QinetiQ undertook the project in 2008 assuming the worst case, as agreed with Dong Energy, using the maximum number of turbines and the largest blade tip height. The assessment takes into consideration thirteen aerodromes or facilities inside the standard consultation distances as has been previously set out and/or where turbines are within airspace covered by an instrument flight procedure or in radar line of sight to a particular aerodrome facility. The project concluded there is potential for major clutter and false returns from a large number of turbines, in an area close to a North Sea oil rig helicopter route, within the Anglia Radar Unit area of responsibility, and under a military danger area resulting in the likelihood of a number of aviation objections despite no major material impact being likely. There are also likely to be vessel traffic services (VTS) concerns due to the Spurn radar, situated on the mouth of the River Humber, where a loss of detection of vessels travelling within the vicinity of the wind farm is likely to be experienced. Therefore it is likely that objections will be raised to the proposed Westermost Rough wind farm, and there may be difficulties in resolving some issues with the relevant facilities. The report recommends the Wind Farm Radar Impact Assessment Team hold discussions with DONG Energy to help inform decisions on the proposed way forward for the Westermost Rough wind farm development with respect to radar and aviation issues.