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2013, MMT, Westermost Rough, Boulder Removal Campaign Out-Survey

2013, MMT, Westermost Rough, Boulder Removal Campaign Out-Survey

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MMT was contracted by DONG to perform a geophysical out-survey in the planned offshore wind farm Westermost Rough outside the Yorkshire coast, England. The Westermost Rough wind farm site is located approximately 8 km east of Yorkshire and the site is 5710 by 5710 m (approximately 35 km2).

A previous survey by MMT (in-survey) has identified a number of boulders from MBES and SSS data, and 2796 of these boulders were selected by DONG to be removed by PMR.

This MMT survey serves as an out-survey, with purpose to confirm that the agreed boulders has been removed from the site, and to identify remaining targets for removal. The survey comprises acquisition of MBES and SSS data for confirmation of removal of boulders, and identification of any remaining boulders.


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