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2013, NIRAS, Westermost Rough, Export Cable Micro-siting

2013, NIRAS, Westermost Rough, Export Cable Micro-siting

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As the cable now extends, for a relatively short distance (approximately 725m), outside of the area that was considered in the environmental impact assessment for the project, an additional assessment has been undertaken. To inform this, geophysical data have been collected on two survey occasions, with the most recent data acquisition in 2012 / 2013 (side scan sonar and swathe bathymetry) (Westermost Rough Ltd, 2013a). The document within this series considers whether any additional environmental impacts on the offshore physical and chemical, biological and human environment are predicted as a consequence of that section of the revised indicative cable route that now lies outside of the assessed area used in the previous ES. The aim of the assessment is to clarify whether any issues may arise, which were not assessed previously in the ES, as a result of the micro-siting. This report supports the application to vary the Marine Licence (L/2011/00305/1). The assessment takes into account the mitigation measures proposed in the ES (DONG Energy, 2009) and the Addendum to the ES (Westermost Rough Ltd, 2012).


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