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2013, Envision Mapping, Zone 3 Dogger Bank Tranche B and Teesside Cable Corridor Habitat Mapping

2013, Envision Mapping, Zone 3 Dogger Bank Tranche B and Teesside Cable Corridor Habitat Mapping

Topic categories:

Benthic Ecology

Last series update:

May 2021

MEDIN approved



Collection date:

Jan 2010 - Dec 2013


Zone 3 - Dogger Bank

Publication date:

May 2021




Envision Mapping




Envision have undertaken a biological interpretation of the geophysical data from Dogger Bank Tranche B area and associatied Teesside export cable corridor.
The analysis has been undertaken as part of an updated interpretation of all of the data available from the surveys to date.

The grab (infaunal) data (including Tranche B data) have been combined into a single dataset for the whole of the surveyed area. The benefit of re-analysing the data in this way is so that there is a continuum in the analysis across the Zone Wide areas and Cable Corridors to obtain a synoptic view of the biota throughout the areas of interest.

The geophysical data, however, have been interpreted in separate areas because the types of data available and the processing involved changes between the different surveys. The Zone Wide area (Tranches A and B and the moderate coverage Zone Wide data that includes Tranche C) has been interpreted as a single entity.

Analysis of the infaunal data resulted in about 36 statistically significant clusters of samples. The individual samples were not matched directly to the Eunis classification for reasons described in the report. Instead, the summary descriptions from these clusters (average abundance and average contribution) were matched to the published compositions of the Eunis classes and matched  to the closest Eunis class or classes where there was more than one option.