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Teesside AB Converter Station Topographical Survey

Teesside AB Converter Station Topographical Survey

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Atkins was commissioned by Forewind Ltd. to undertake a topographical survey to determine the existing ground profile of a site near to Lazenby, Teesside.
The site has been identified as a possible location for an offshore electrical substation.
This topographical and level survey was undertaken on Wednesday 17th September 2014.
Address: Teesside AB Converter Station, Lazenby, Cleveland, TS10 4RE
NGR: 457730,520455

The ground profile survey at Teesside AB Converter Station site included 2 sub-sites: Teesside Core and Teesside Corridor.

2.1. Teesside Core Sub-Site
The ground profile of Teesside Core sub-site was completed using Network RTK GNSS techniques to observe ground spot level co-ordinates at optimal locations. The observed points were chosen according to an approximate irregular level grid across the site according to where there was a significant change in ground profile. Additional points were observed to better define the true 3D definition of the existing terrain across the whole site within the field boundaries.
The instrument used was a Topcon GRS-1 GNSS Receiver
The site was traversed on foot with the GPS instrument to effectively survey the terrain profile of the complete site.
All observed elevation data with a computed level accuracy that exceeded a specified accuracy quality threshold was rejected in real-time whilst on site. Therefore, the acquired accuracy of survey at Teesside Core Sub-Site is +/-50mm rms.

2.2. Teesside Corridor Sub-Site
This sub-site was surveyed using a robotic Total Station due to the significant vegetation on this site compared to the Teesside Core sub-site. Ground spot levels, together with fence and ditch alignments, existing tree line, and major changes in ground profile were included within the survey dataset.
Observed data was post processed together with observed GPS data to produce a 3D survey plan using AutoCAD 2011 and KeyTerraFirma ground modelling software. Seven survey stations were established and computed, with three stations comprising the main closed loop traverse.

The instrument used was a Leica TS30 Robotic Total Station.


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Teesside AB Converter Station Topographical Survey


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