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1994-2014, DHI, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, MetOcean and Meteorological Mast Study

1994-2014, DHI, Rampion Offshore Wind Farm, MetOcean and Meteorological Mast Study

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DHI were commissioned by LIC Energy UK Ltd (LICE) to undertake an analysis of the metocean conditions required for the design of the foundations for wind turbine generators (WTG) and sub-stations for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm (ROWF).
     This series presents the study of the metocean design conditions in the ROWF area, using historic Meteorological data and metocean survey data acquired from 2010-2011. The reports and data results contained in the series intend to inform the final design and refines the database used to determine the metocean conditions by implementing a high-resolution wave model for the English Channel and ROWF area. The series also includes detailed validation of the hydrodynamic data (water levels and currents).
     Data deliverables are split into 4 data folders , 3 representing potential turbine locations at extremities of the design layout and 1 representing the substation location.
     Each folder contains tables and charts summarizing modelling results at each location including:
     1. Time series of wind water level current and wave parameters
     2. Annual wind, current and wave rose plots
     3. Scatter diagrams of Total, Wind-sea and Swell Hm0 against Wind speed 
     4. Scatter tables of individual wave height (H) vs. period (T) and MWD (H-T scatter and H-MWD) 
     5. The wind-wave misalignment that was calculated
     6. The astronomical values of WL 
     7. Wind Speed and extreme speeds
     8. Water Level
     9. Current Speed
     10. Significant wave height and maximum individual wave height
     11. Reduced wave height
     12. Joint probability analysis
     13. Met Mast Analysis
     14. Air temperature
     15. Air density and pressure


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Modelled Outputs for Location A16 (WTG 9)

Modelled Outputs for Location H14 (WTG 116)

Modelled Outputs for Location N6 (WTG 170)

Modelled Outputs for Met Mast

Modelled Outputs for Offshore Substation D7 (WTG-49)


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