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2011-2012, ABPmer, Zone 6 - Rampion, Coastal Processes Assessment

2011-2012, ABPmer, Zone 6 - Rampion, Coastal Processes Assessment

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Coastal Processes


ABPmer undertook a baseline assessment and environmental impact assessment of coastal processes (i.e.  hydrodynamic, sedimentary and morphodynamic regimes) for the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm and export cable corridor on behalf of E.ON Climate and Renewables UK Rampion Offshore Wind Ltd.
The baseline report considered the physical environmental baseline of the development area and cable corridor and included 24 figures.
The scheme assessment report considered the potential impacts of different realistic worst case development scenarios on identified receptors. This report contained 18 figures.
This dataseries contains the final datasets created by ABPmer and shown in the figures included in these reports. The dataseries does not contain data provided to ABPmer by the client or its subcontractors, or data which is publicly available. The dataseries contains shapefiles, text files and images which were created by ABPmer.


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WSW Wave Direction Change Shapefile

Far Field Study Area Shapefile

Sediment plume 20um Shapefile

South West Wave Height Change Shapefile

Swell Direction Change Shapefiles

Observation Points

Nearshore and Offshore Transport Shapefile

Sediment Plume Cable 375um Shapefiles

Littoral Drift Shapefile

Coastal Geology Shapefile

Bed Thickness Changes Shapefiles

Channel Coastal Observatory Wave Buoy Location Shapefiles

Tidal Diamonds Shapefiles

Model Water Levels Shapefile

All British Oceanographic Data Centre Locations Shapefile

Model Flow Differences Shapefile

Particle Size Analysis Sample Locations Shapefile

Far Field Study Area Shapefile(0)

Coastal Characteristics Shapefile

Sediment plume 750um Shapefiles

Southern Water Location of Long Sea Outfall Shapefile

Sand Offshore Transport Shapefile

West South West Wave Height Change

Pipeline Outfalls Shapefile

Tide Gauge Locations Shapefile

Nearshore Seastates Model Output Locations Shapefile

Sediment Plume Foundation and Dredging Shapefiles

South West Wave Direction Change Shapefile

Seastate Application Location Shapefile


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