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2011-2012, EMU and RSK, Zone 6 - Rampion, Benthic Surveys

2011-2012, EMU and RSK, Zone 6 - Rampion, Benthic Surveys

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Benthic Ecology


Benthic surveys were undertaken by Emu Ltd on board the survey
vessel Discovery. The main survey took place from 15 ‐ 19 of April
2011 and sampled 59 stations in and around the Project area. EMU
used grabs (0.1m2 Day, 0.1m2 Hamon, 0.04m2 Shipek as appropriate
to conditions) to collect sediment for analysis (of benthic
invertebrates, particle size, total organic carbon, and contaminants),
and drop‐down photography to record habitats and visible epifauna
at each station. In addition, the drop‐down photography survey
investigated 6 transects that were tentatively identified from the
geophysical survey as potentially being reefs formed by the
honeycomb worm Sabellaria spinulosa. However, the survey did not
record any Sabellaria reef structures within the Project area. At the
request of the MMO a further survey was conducted on 10 and 11
July 2011 at 17 stations using a 2m scientific beam trawl to collect
epifauna (fauna either attached to, or living on, the seabed surface).


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