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2013-2014, Fugro Geoconsulting Ltd., Zone 6 Rampion, Geotechnical Site Investigation

2013-2014, Fugro Geoconsulting Ltd., Zone 6 Rampion, Geotechnical Site Investigation

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Fugro carried out a geotechnical site investigation at 183 locations within the wind farm site area and at 30 locations along the proposed export cable routes. To carry out this work Fugro used a number of vessels over a nine and a half month period.
     The objectives of this project are to carry out a sufficiently detailed site investigation of the Rampion
     Offshore Wind Site in order to:
     1. determine the geological and geotechnical characteristics of the Site to allow for planning and
     implementation of subsequent construction operations, with a good appreciation of geo-hazards
     including gas blanking;
     2. carry out full detailed design of the foundations across the Site for up to 181 no. wind turbines
     (previously 182) and 1 no. offshore substation platform; (previously 2)
     3. conduct detailed assessment of jack-up leg penetrations for jack-up vessels which may be used
     during the construction of the Site;
     4. understand the geological conditions across the export cable route corridor for the export cable
     route and trenching design.
     In order to provide easy navigation of the numerous reports and documents that were produced during the Rampion Geotechnical Site Investigation, a document structure was created for this project.
     Level 1 and 2 documents were produced by Fugro GeoConsulting Limited. These documents provide
     an Executive Summary and factual laboratory testing results. The final documents were issued from Wallingford office following final review and quality control.
     All documents within Levels 3 and 4 were be produced by the Fugro OpCo responsible for that
     particular Work Element but were checked for consistency of style, format and content by the Project
     team in Wallingford. All Level 3 and 4 reports are given names linking them to the relevant field Work
     Please refer to the executive summary report (2. J11222-02 EXEC SUMMARY) for more information on what is contained in each deliverable level.


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