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2015, EGS,  Zone 6 Rampion, Geophysical Survey

2015, EGS, Zone 6 Rampion, Geophysical Survey

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In June 2015 E.ON contracted EGS International Ltd (EGSi) to undertake a preconstruction geophysical and UXO survey of the wind turbine generator (WTG) locations, interarray cables (IAC) and the potential export cable (EC) routes for the Rampion offshore wind farm site.
     The objective of the Geophysical investigation is to provide detailed information and additional geophysical data for UXO mitigation in relation to the future installation of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm.
     To achieve these aims, data were acquired using; a highfrequency multibeam system, a sidescan sonar (SSS) positioned via a USBL system, a pinger (SBP) and a magnetometer array (5 on EGS Pioneer and 3 on Wessex Explorer). The survey was conducted on board the EGS Pioneer and Wessex Explorer operating on a 24 hour and 12hour operational basis with Shoreham and Brighton as the ports of operation respectively. Mobilisation of the EGS Pioneer took place between the 8th and 23rd June 2015, and 10th and 16th July for the Wessex Explorer. Geophysical survey operations were conducted
     using the EGS Pioneer and the Wessex Explorer between 16th June 2015 and 26th October 2015; vessel operations on the EGS Pioneer were carried out over the whole survey period; operations on the Wessex Explorer were carried out between 16th July and 8th September 2015 including demobilisation on the final day. Full details of the survey operations are included in the operations report  5401 E ON  Rampion Geophysical Survey 2015  Operations Report .
     The Report:
     This reports contained in this series summarises the survey operations carried out onboard the EGS Pioneer and Wessex Explorer and highlights the data acquisition and onsite processing / QC procedures.
     Full details of the mobilisation activities of the EGS Pioneer are presented in  5401 E.ON   Rampion Geophysical Survey Mobilisation Report_Rev1 . The mobilisation activities of the
     Wessex Explorer are presented in  5401 E.ON   Rampion Geophysical Survey Mobilisation Report_WE . Both mobilisation reports are presented in Appendix D   Mobilisation Report.
     Details of the survey findings are presented in the 5401 E.ON   Rampion Geophysical Survey Interpretive Report.


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