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2012-2013, Gardline, Zone 6 - Rampion, Geophysical Investigations

2012-2013, Gardline, Zone 6 - Rampion, Geophysical Investigations

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Gardline Geosurvey undertook a geophysical survey of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm consisting of a UXO Detection Survey, VHR Survey, Additional Areas Survey, Met Mast Survey and Cable Export Routes Survey (Geophysical Investigation – Technical Specification Document Ref: 5114328-GT-SP-001 Rev 3). The survey was conducted using single beam and multi-beam echo sounders, side scan sonar, pinger, boomer, magnetometer and multichannel VHR seismic. Data from all aspects of the survey have been used for the final interpretation of the data sets.


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GIS Shapefiles for UXO, Sidescan Sonar and Multibeam Survey Vessel Tracks

Additional Areas Pinger Data

UXO Detection Sonar Mosaic Geotiffs

Export Cable Routes Sidescan Sonar Data

UXO Detection Magnetometer Data

VHR Seismic Survey

UXO Detection Sidescan Sonar Data

Met Mast Sonar Mosaic Geotiffs


Export Cable Routes Survey - Magnetometer

Export Cable Routes Boomer Data

XYZ Data

2012-2013, Gardline, Zone 6 - Rampion, Geopyhsical Investigations - Met Mast Pinger Data

Export Cable Routes Sonar Mosaic Geotiffs

Additional Areas Sidescan Sonar data

Met Mast Sidescan Sonar Data

Additional Areas Magnetometer Data

Additional Areas Sonar Mosaic Geotiffs

GIS Shapefiles of Interpreted Geology

GIS Shapefiles of Bathymetry Contours

2012-2013, Gardline, Zone 6 - Rampion, Gophysical Investigations - Export Cable Routes Pinger Data


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