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2011-2012, Fugro, Zone 7 Navitus Bay West Isle of Wight, Detailed Geophysical Survey

2011-2012, Fugro, Zone 7 Navitus Bay West Isle of Wight, Detailed Geophysical Survey

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Eneco Round 3 Development Ltd. (Eneco) in the United Kingdom is developing Zone 7 (Navitus Bay), which is one of the Crown Estate Round 3 offshore wind farm zones. An area within Zone 7, Lot 1 (West Isle of Wight), has been selected for wind farm development. Eneco has contracted Fugro Survey BV (FSBV) to perform a detailed geophysical survey of the Lot 1 site, together with two (2) potential export cable routes to the UK mainland. The location of the project site and the potential export cable routes are shown in Figure 1. The geophysical survey was conducted between 25 July 2011 and 25 August 2011 from the survey vessel M.V. Aurelia, deploying the following equipment: - A single beam echo sounder (SBE) - A multi beam echo sounder (MBES), - A ultra high resolution portable multi channel seismic profiling system (UHR) - A high resolution side scan sonar (SSS). - A sub bottom profiler (SBP) - A magnetometer (MM) In Lot 2, the two export cable routes, the same equipment was deployed excluding the UHR system.
This series contains Bathymetry, Magnetometer, Side Scan Sonar, SMT Kingdon project, Sound Velocity profiles, Sub-bottom profilers and UHR Seismic data from the survey.


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2011 Zone 7 Navitus Bay West Isle of Wight, FUGRO Geophysical Survey_Ultra High Resolution Seismic Data - SEG-D

Tracks and Shotpoints

Sub Bottom Profiler Data

Sound Velocity Profiler Data

SMT Kingdom Project Data

Side Scan Sonar Data and Seabed Features

Magnetometer Data

Bathymetry Data


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Results Reports

Operations and Calibrations Report