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2011, Met Office, Zone 7 Navitus Bay, Wind Analysis

2011, Met Office, Zone 7 Navitus Bay, Wind Analysis

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This series contains various Met Office reports and datasets relating to wind climatology around the Round 3 offshore wind energy development zone at Navitus Bay.  The reports include Wind Analysis, Met Mast Positioning, and Wind and Stability.  Data has been extracted from the 10-year (2001-2010) archive of 0.036 degree  (approximately 4km) resolution forecast model (UK4) data as used for daily UK weather
forecasts, for a large region encompassing the Navitus Bay zone.  In a separate study, the Met Office's Virtual Met Mast (VMM) application has been run at six locations within the Navitus Bay Zone: the locations selected
by the Met Office were at the major vertices and the centroid of the Navitus Bay zone.  Virtual Met Mast analysis of the wind climatology of the Navitus Bay Zone has shown
that the mean wind speed ranges from 9.0 to 9.5 m/s from north to south across the zone at 100m height, indicating that the effect of the land is still present. It may be that
finer scale modelling could pick out further structure of significance in the wind regime
due to coastal effects.


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