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2010, MMT, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Geophysical, Bathymetry and Environmental Surveys

2010, MMT, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Geophysical, Bathymetry and Environmental Surveys

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Marin Mätteknik AB (MMT) were contracted by Centrica to undertake a marine survey within the Round 3 Wind Farm Development Zone of the Irish Sea (R3 Zone). for the purpose of delineating areas suitable for wind farm development. The survey comprised of geophysical data acquisition to determine water depths, seabed features, shallow geology, and the recovery of water and sediment samples and seabed photography as part of the Environmental Habitat Assessment. The objective of the Round 3 development Zone geophysical, hydrographic and benthic community survey operations is to allow Centrica to identify, verify, record and catalogue information required for engineering design studies and a number of Environmental Impact Assessment studies including coastal and sediment processes, archaeology and ecology.

Available Datasets and supporting documentation:
 1. GIS geodatabase (.gdb)  2. Raw / Processed Data: Bathymetry, (.tif, .txt, .xlsx, .tid, .all ), Magnetometer (.survey, .txt, .tif ), Positioning (.000 - PosMV), Side Scan Sonar (.com, .XTF), Sparker (.log, .dmp), Chirp (.sgy, .txt, .xlsx), Environmental ( .Mov, .wmv, .jpg, .pdf, .xls, .op1, .csv, .evt, .asf). 3. Operations report   4. Charts


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Bathymetry Data

Chirp Data

Environmental Data

GIS Data

Magnetometer Data

Positioning Data

Side Scan Sonar Data

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Phase II Field Report

Segment A-F Environmental Results Report

Met Mast 1-4 Geophysical and Bathymetry Results Reports

Segment A-F Geophysical and Bathymetry Survey Results Reports

Operations Report

Additional Documents