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2010, Wessex Archaeology, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Archaeological Assessment Phase 1

2010, Wessex Archaeology, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Archaeological Assessment Phase 1

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Wessex Archaeology was commissioned by CERI (now Celtic Array)  to undertake an archaeological assessment for the Irish Sea Zone. Four phases of archaeological assessment have been currently anticipated : ZAP: Phase 1(Collation of Available Data and Zone Scoping) , Phase 2 (Archaeological Review of Geophysics)  and Phase 3 (Zonal Assessment and Reporting)  And Site-specific EIAs – Environmental Impact Assessments  Phase 4(Each project identified as a result of the above ZAP will be subject to an EIA) 
The objective of this Phase 1 report is to collate historic environment information and issues, using desk-based sources. In order to identify issues that might have a significant impact on further development of the Irish Sea Zone. It  is a foundation for subsequent preparation of the Phase 3 Zonal Assessment and any resulting Phase 4 sitespecific EIAs, building on the review of geophysical data collected across the Irish Sea Zone (Phase 2) and outcome of scoping and consultation. In addition, review of geophysical data and geotechnical samples for palaeo-environmental material at  potential met mast locations will contribute to the Zonal Assessment and EIAs. This report provides an analysis of the known and potential archaeological remains within a defined Archaeological Study Area (ASA) which provides a 1km buffer around the Zone.

Corresponding Centrica Document No: R3-D-EV-132-0000-000000-005

Available dataset : Reports and drawings in pdf formats and GIS shapefile.


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