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2011, Wessex Archaeology, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Stage 2 Geoarchaeological Review (Met Masts)

2011, Wessex Archaeology, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Stage 2 Geoarchaeological Review (Met Masts)

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Wessex Archaeology (WA) was commissioned by Centrica Energy Renewable Investments Limited (CERI) now Celtic Array, to undertake geoarchaeological recording and subsampling of borehole samples collected as part of the Round 3 Offshore Wind, Zone 9 Irish Sea, Meteorological Masts (Met Masts) geotechnical investigation. This work forms part of the programme of Zonal Assessment and Planning (ZAP) which was  undertaken by CERI for the
Round 3 Irish Sea Zone. Previous archaeological work for the region included a Phase 1 Archaeological Assessment/ Archaeological Desktop Review by Wessex Archaeology July 2010 (Centrica Ref number: R3-D-EV-132-0000-000000-005) and an Assessment of the Geophysical data from the Met Mast locations by Wessex Archaeology July 2010 Centrica Ref number R3-D-EV-132-0000-000000-004).

This Stage 2 Geoarchaeological recording and subsampling was undertaken in April and the report summarises the assessment of data (Stage 1) from the four borehole locations and subsequent geoarchaeological recording and subsampling (Stage 2) of the borehole samples
Samples from four borehole locations (MM1, MM2, MM3 and MM4) in the Irish Sea Zone were subjected to Stage 2 geoarchaeological recording and subsampling. The four locations have been investigated as part of a programme of Zonal Assessment and Planning (ZAP)  for the Irish Sea Zone. The results of the geoarchaeological recording indicate Pleistocene and Holocene
glacial and marine sediments exist at all four locations and have confirmed the sedimentary units identified by geophysical survey at the four locations. 33 subsamples have been taken and are stored at Wessex Archaeology. These subsamples will be kept for potential future assessment dependent on the results of ongoing assessment of geophysical data from the area. No further Stage 3 work is recommended at this stage.

Corresponding Centrica Document No: R3-D-EV-132-0000-000000-015; R3-D-EV-132-0000-000000-007

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