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2013, ABPmer, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Physical Processes Assessment

2013, ABPmer, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Physical Processes Assessment

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This study forms  chapter 7 of the Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information (Stage 2 PEI) of the Rhiannon Offshore Wind Farm, which is part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The study was carried out by ABPmer and it describes  existing environment with regard to Physical Processes and assesses the potential impacts of the Offshore Development area of the proposed Rhiannon Wind Farm (RWF). The study characterises the marine physical environment  which is defined here as the water quality, hydrodynamic, geomorphological and sedimentary regime that operates within the Wind Farm Site (the Site) and across the surrounding study area. This is within the eastern part of the Irish Sea and it assesses the potential effects of the Offshore Development on physical process and related receptors. The work presented here builds upon the physical process studies carried out to support the Zonal Assessment Process (ZAP) that was completed in 2012 (Celtic Array 2012a). A summary of the ZAP physical process assessments is presented in Appendix 7.1

This study is closely linked to Chapter 6 Geology and Sediment; Chapter 8 Nature conservation; Chapter 9 Benthic ecology and  Chapter 10 Fish ecology of the Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information (Stage 2 PEI) and should be read in conjunction with Appendix 7.1 ZAP Physical Processes Assessment; Appendix 7.2 Model Calibration; Appendix 7.3 Water and Sediment Quality; Appendix 7.4 Initial Metric Calculations; and Appendix 7.5 Scour Assessment.
Corresponding Centrica Document No: SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007-Att1; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007-Att2; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007-Att3; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007-Att4; SE-D-EV-075-0002-000000-007-Att5

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