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2010-2013, Anatec, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Shipping and Navigation Assessment

2010-2013, Anatec, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Shipping and Navigation Assessment

Topic categories:

Shipping and Navigation

Last series update:

May 2021

MEDIN approved



Collection date:

Feb 2010 - Nov 2013


Zone 9 - Celtic Array

Publication date:

May 2021








As part of the shipping and navigation assessment for the Irish Sea Round 3 Zone, Anatec were commissioned by Centrica Renewable Energy Limited (CREL) to perform a shipping traffic survey during survey work within the Irish Sea Round 3 Wind Farm Zone. The survey was carried out utilising AIS (Automatic Identification System) and Automatic Radar Plotting Aid (ARPA) radar on the geophysical vessels working within the zone. This was supplemented with coastal AIS and offshore rig based AIS to provide comprehensive coverage of the Zone and the Irish Sea in general. The AIS and ARPA (radar) data was collected from equipment installed on MMT survey vessels operating for CREL within the area of interest for the majority of the period across 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013. Results of the survey were accompanied with adverse weather (routeing) analysis, Marine Traffic survey and these were presented in forms of reports : Technical notes, Quarterly reports maps and data (Raw AIS, GIS) Associated reports are Centrica Document No: 2010:- R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-011; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-012; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-017; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-018 ;R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-019;R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-020; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-021 2011:- R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-001; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-022; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-025; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-026; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-028; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-029; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-030; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-031; R3-D-EV-001-0036-000000-033 2012 :- R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-002; R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-003; R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-004; R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-005; R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-006; R3-D-EN-027-0036-501005-007 2013:- SE-D-EN-013-0036-501005-002; SE-D-HS-033-0117-501005-001 Available Datasets : 1. ArcGIS files (mxds, . shapefiles), 2. Drawings (png), 3. Reports (.doc, .xlsx .), 4. Raw AIS data (.txt) these data can be found in the R3 2010 -2013 ANATEC Shipping and Navigation (Series) on the MDE