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2014, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Stage 2 Rhiannon Community Consultation

2014, Zone 9 Celtic Array, Stage 2 Rhiannon Community Consultation

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May 2021

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Mar 2014 - Mar 2014


Zone 9 - Celtic Array

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May 2021




Zone 9 Celtic Array




Celtic Array Limited (Celtic Array) is proposing to develop an offshore wind farm, called Rhiannon Wind Farm (RWF) in the Irish Sea which is anticipated to have a generating capacity of up to 2.2GW and this comprise both Offshore and Onshore Developments. This Community Consultation Document summarises the Offshore Development for the proposed Rhiannon Wind Farm in the Irish Sea and sets out a summary of the Stage 2 Preliminary Environmental Information (PEI) for offshore aspects of the scheme. It is intended to support the second stage of statutory consultation (following the first stage of consultation that took place in winter 2012) for the offshore aspects of the scheme relevant to the proposed application for a Development Consent Order (DCO) which will be made under the provisions of the Planning Act 2008. It is designed to provide you with information on the details of the proposal, the consenting process and a summary of the Stage 2 PEI. This series comprises of the Stage 2 Community Consultation Document and in English and in Welsh and also the Interim Consultation Report (March 2014). The Interim Consultation Report (the Report) was prepared on a voluntary basis to provide an update of consultation activities being carried out by Celtic Array in preparation for its application to the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (Secretary of State) under the Planning Act 2008 (the Act) Associated Document : SE-D-EV-001-0117-000000-006; SE-D-EV-001-0117-000000-007- Welsh; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-001; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-002; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-003; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-004; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-005; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-006; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-007; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-008; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-009 ;SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-010; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-011; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-012; SE-D-EV-071-0117-000000-013